July 8 Travel

We flew to Detroit on UA 6147 and rented a GMC Arcadia from National Car Rental.
I drove to Ann Arbor driving by the East Quad and up State Street.
We stayed overnight at the Red Roof in in Dearborn.

July 9 the Henry Ford

We began in the museum where they displayed a mood dress.
We skipped the section about industry proceeding to the exhibits on airplanes.
Besides the DC3 we saw the Fokker.
After the planes we then looked at the automobiles.
This set of exhibits included safe cars and
those used in camping.
The smallest exhibit was about trains

Greenfield Village

We walked to the railway station.
The train took us by the streets of the village (21 seconds).
Then it took us by several pastures (26 seconds).
Next we passed campers, and on to a roundhouse (126 seconds).
We walked to Main Street and found the Carousel.
We watched (31 seconds)
and took one ride (60 seconds).
Cora was mounted on a Zebra.
It was magnificent, we both enjoyed it.
We had dinner at a local Olive Garden.

July 10 the drive to Caro

For the past three years we have stayed at Himelhoch House.
We stayed three days this trp.
July 13 Drive on Huron

We returned to Detroit via Port Austin.

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